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Frequently Asked Questions


We asked our staff to find the most common questions they hear from patients about Rotorua Eye Clinic and the services we provide.  Here are some of the most frequent questions asked by our patients and the answers to those questions.
Are we able to provide an eye test for renewal of Drivers License?

Yes, subject to availability of appointments.  If your driver’s license is imminent, we advise you to see an Optometrist.

Why do I need a Driver?

Eye drops are often required in order for the Specialist to obtain a good view of the inside of your eye.  To do this, drops will be used to dilate the pupil, which will blur your vision for up to four hours afterwards and make your eyes sensitive to glare for several hours.  We advise you to bring a driver, even if you are attending for an eyelid condition only, as during the consultation the doctor may decide to dilate the pupils - this will save you another trip back to the clinic.

How long will my appointment take?

Depending on what you have been referred for and what investigations are performed on the day, an appointment can take anything from 15 minutes to one hour.  However we always advise patients to expect to be here for up to two hours for your appointment, to allow for any extra investigations or unforeseen emergencies.

What are the Consultation Costs?

An initial consultation will cost approximately $231.  Consultation costs can vary depending on what investigations are required at your visit. For further information please contact the clinic.

Do I have to stay overnight if I am having Surgery?

You are not required to stay overnight, however in the case of cataract surgery you must expect that you will have a follow up at the clinic within the first few days after surgery.

When will my post op appointment be after having surgery?

For those patients having cataract surgery a post-operative appointment is usually within the first few days after surgery, however all post op appointments are advised by the Surgeon on the day of surgery.

When can I drive following surgery?

Do not drive until instructed to do so by your surgeon.  Your surgeon will advise you when you are able to return to driving at one of your follow up appointments. 

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