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How to Make an Appointment

The process for making an appointment with the Rotorua Eye Clinic depends on whether you are a private patient, ACC or public funded patient.  The different steps are described below:

Public Patients

Rotorua Eye Clinic is under contract to Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand - Lakes to provide Ophthalmology Services to patients.  If you wish to be seen as a Public Patient you must be referred through the public system via a Medical Practitioner or Optometrist.

Once your referral is received, it is prioritised according to the prevailing publicly funded access criteria.  If you meet these criteria you will receive a letter informing you of this and the expected wait time before an appointment.  If you do not meet the access criteria, unfortunately you cannot be seen as a public patient. 


You then have the option of seeing an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist privately.

Southern Cross Insurance

Rotorua Eye Clinic is now an Approved Provider of Services

ACC Patients

For accidents that result in an eye injury, you can phone our clinic directly to make an appointment.  Alternatively you can be referred by your General Practitioner or Optometrist.

Private Patients

For Private appointments you can phone our clinic directly however we may request a referral from  your Medical Practitioner or Optometrist.

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