Central Day Stay Theatre

Our onsite Theatre has the latest technology & equipment and our dedicated Theatre staff take pride in their work.


The Central Day Stay Theatre has its own dedicated waiting and recovery room, with comfortable chairs to relax in before and after surgery.


Rotorua Eye Clinic is a private Specialist Ophthalmology Clinic providing a service to patients from as far as Auckland and Taumaranui, Waikato and Eastern and Western Bay of Plenty. 

The Clinic opened the doors to its purpose built premises on 5th January 2011.  Central Day Stay Theatre opened on 15 March 2011. 

The Rotorua Eye Clinic is under contract to the Lakes District Health Board to provide public services to patients in the Lakes area.



Age - Related Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the name given to a group of degenerative retinal eye diseases that cause progressive loss of central vision, leaving the peripheral (or side) vision intact.  


Marginal blepharitis is chronic inflammation of the edges (margins) of the eyelids.  It is a common condition.The eyelids contain special glands called sebaceous glands, which produce oily secretions. 

Detached Retina

Imagine that your eye is like a camera and the retina is the film.  The retina is a fine sheet of nerve tissue lining the inside of the eye.  Rays of light enter the eye and are focused on the retina by the lens. 

Diabetic Retinopathy

This is the most common cause of blindness in the 20 to 65 year old age group in the Western World.  In some people, diabetes can have a damaging effect on the blood vessels that nourish....


Entropion is a turning-in of the eyelid margin. This causes the lashes to rub against the eye causing severe irritation. The eye may appear red and inflamed....

Flashes & Floaters

Floaters are opaque particles, which float inside the eye and cast shadows on the retina, the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye...


A pterygium is a raised triangular area of eyeball conjunctiva (mucous membrane) which actively invades the corneal surface.  The primary cause is sunny, hot, dusty conditions leading to tissue damage.


The lens of the eye is normally transparent.  If a cloudy area develops in the lens, it is called a cataract.      

When the amount of light that passes through the lens is reduced and scattered by the cataract, .

Chalazion or Meibomian Cyst

Meibomian glands help to lubricate the eyelids.  If the gland becomes blocked, it may swell up and cause a painless lump.

Dry Eyes

While tears are important, as they are required to keep the eye moist and healthy, some people suffer from too many tears, and their eyes are constantly watery...


Ectropion is a turning-out of the eyelid margin. This may be associated with contracture of the lower lid skin, exposing the membrane lining the back of the eyelid. This makes the lower lid appear bright red...


Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the fluid pressure inside the eye causes progressive damage to parts of the optic nerve. ...


Keratoconus is an eye condition affecting the cornea.  It results in an irregular “cone shaped” cornea causing blurred vision, with the cornea tending to thin with progression of this condition...

Squint & Amblyopia

Squint (also known as Strabismus) is the term used when eyes do not work as a team to look in the same direction at the same time. 




If you have an accident and are in need of emergency treatment please dial 111 or visit your local emergency walk-in centre.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday:  Closed

71 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua 3010

Ph:        07-343-1393  |  07-348-6644


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13B/29 Totara Street, Taupo (Next to Hospice Shop)