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Rotorua Eye Clinic / Central Day Stay Theatre has developed a Confidentiality and Privacy of Information policy that complies with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020 to assist with the management of health information, including access and disclosure of personal health information. 

Rotorua Eye Clinic / Central Day Stay Theatre ensures that any information provided by current, previous and prospective patients, clients and general public via our website will be handled in the strictest confidence by our staff.  Any such information gained will not be disclosed or sold to any other individuals, or other organisations whatsoever.  



Terms and Conditions of using this website:

Information provided by Rotorua Eye Clinic / Central Day Stay Theatre website is intended to provide a brief summary of various aspects of eye care for visitors to our website. 


It is not intended to provide comprehensive information of the various eye conditions, or serve as a substitution for the clinical care and medical advice provided by a medical practitioner. 


The decision to undergo any consultation or surgery must be made by an individual and go through the informed consent process as outlined in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights.

In using this website, you are agreeing that Rotorua Eye Clinic will not be held responsible for:

  • Any information contained on this website, or exclusion of any information from this website.

  • The result of any action that you or any other person takes or fails to take based on information contained in this website.

The website email address is not regularly monitored and is not our preferred means of communication.  There is a risk that important clinical information sent to this address may be missed or not picked up, particularly time critical information.  In addition we urge all patients to carefully consider the issue of security before sending medical information via unencrypted email. 


Please do not use normal post for forwarding time critical information.  We encourage patients to phone the practice or make an appointment to discuss clinical needs.

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