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While tears are important, as they are required to keep the eye moist and healthy, some people suffer from too many tears, and their eyes are constantly watery. Epiphora is an abnormal overflow of tears from the eyes caused by an irritant to the eye, such as sawdust or an allergy, or a blockage somewhere in the lacrimal drainage system of the eye.     



  • Dry eyes.

  • Allergies.

  • Blockage of the drainage system.

  • Underdeveloped drainage, but 9 out of 10 children outgrow this condition by their first birthday.

  • Eyelid deformities and ingrowing eyelashes.

  • Eyestrain.



You will need an eye examination, as watery eyes can be caused by a wide variety of problems.  Please mention any history of allergy, diabetes, bleeding problems, chronic illnesses, injuries to your eyes or face and any previous surgery to the face, family history of glaucoma, and mention all prescribed and over-the-counter medications.


Non-Surgical Treatments include:

  • Treatment of allergies, irritants, and lid margin conditions.

  • Warm compresses and massage can relieve minor blockages.

  • Treatment of dry eyes with lubricants.


Surgical Treatments

Referral to an Ophthalmologist is necessary for consideration of surgery on the drainage system.

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